Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

Good afternoon plant people @ Dave's Garden, from North Central Texas zone 8a better known as DFW area. I would appreciate some Id help with this tree looking plant that came up next to my house. In the evening late it starts closeing its leaves up against the green limbs and by dark all the limbs raise upwards towards the sky. In the morning, not sure what time, the limbs streach wide open and outward to the side again. The leafs open too.The trunk is lime green and very smooth. At first I thought it was a Mimosa tree when it was small but I never saw a Mimosa raise its limbs to the sky at dark. I only have pics when it is open right now. Thanks

Thumbnail by BloomSurprise Thumbnail by BloomSurprise
Castro Valley, CA

At first I was going to say Robinia pseudoacacia, it being nyctinastic, but then I enlarged your pic.

Try Sesbania. I think they are nyctinastic.
Sesbania herbacea????,%20Bigpod%20Sesbania.html

Altavista, VA

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