Sunnyvale, CA

I've walked by this tree hundreds of times and wonder what it is. It's growing in Sunnyvale, CA.

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Castro Valley, CA

Sure looks like a cherry tree to me.

Castro Valley, CA

I went looking and Japanese cherry trees look so similar. I found this one of Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan.’ It has the same serrated leaves and reddish stems.

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Agree with Cherry (Prunus) sp., of which there are quite a few possibilities.

Show us closeups top and undersides of leaves, especially the glands on the petioles (great key ID feature on Prunus), as well as buds, bud scars, leaf scars, etc.

I guess you haven't been by this tree in the spring when it blooms?

Sunnyvale, CA

Thank you, Zily Zily and VibrnumValley. I think you're correct. I don't remember seeing any actual cherries on this tree, but it's possible that the birds are eating them or perhaps I didn't really look close enough. Or maybe it's an ornamental cherry tree? I'll pay more attention now during the seasons since you've told me it's a cherry tree.

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