Plant ID

Antioch, TN

Bought at an tropical nursery , it was in a dwarf Clusia section but the leaves donít look like clusias Iíve seen online. Can anyone confirm ID of plant?

Thumbnail by velmansia Thumbnail by velmansia
Antioch, TN

Hoping someone can identify. Any wild guesses would be appreciated as well

Antioch, TN

Still going with some sort of bottle brush plant

Winter Haven, FL

I have two bottle brush trees, and leaves look nothing like that. Maybe a Magnolia of some sort?

San Dimas, CA

Since you gave the green light for wild guesses, my first impulse was some kind of orchid.

San Francisco, CA

wild guess: mangrove

Istanbul, Turkey

Magnolia i guess ,

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Groveland, FL

Anise shrub?

Castro Valley, CA

Sickly plant?

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