problems with iris plants

first, i live n michigan, and we arre having lots of ran this year. i bought lots of iris plants, they flower 1 time and then leaves start to fall off and the bulb gets spongy like podding, and I have to dig up and get rid of, the roots are great, but the bulb gone, isit just the weather or what am I doing wrong?, thamnks for any info, jerry, ok, I read where you can't answer my question, so where do I go, thats what I joined this forum for

Castro Valley, CA

I am not sure who Jerry is. Here the other members try to help other members. It is not a job, all volunteers.

What kind of iris are you growing? Bearded with rhizomes?

Sounds to me your soil might be too heavy, not draining fast enough. So the soil around it stays too wet and rots the rhizome. Soil needs to dry out between rains. If too much, constant rain and soil that holds too much moisture, you get rot.

Are they planted in sun? They need sun.

I would replant the healthy ones out in the sun, not too close together, in prepared soil with additives that make it quick draining. Raised beds can add to the quick draining.

I googled an article for you that might help you.

And here is 1 that discusses the bacteria that causes rot in iris.

Hope this helps you.

Somerville, MA

The rhizomes are rotting, most likely because of (a) the rain, and (b) you planted them too deeply. Iris rhizomes like it dry. Dig yours up and discard them. Plant new iris very shallowly. The very top of the rhizome should actually be exposed to the air. Also, they like to be planted near brick or concrete. It helps keep the rhizomes dry, and contributes lime to the soil, which helps them.

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