Plant for bathroom with afternoonlight

San Rafael, CA

I have a western facing bathroom window with opaque glass that gets several hours of direct sun in the late afternoon that I'm trying to find a plant for. I tried a peace lily but the flowers started growing in green so I think it got too much light. I then tried a lipstick plant but new growth turned brown and died. It seems that's because there isn't enough humidity. I live in Northern California and often have the window open. I also tried a rubber plant but quickly realized that because the window is about neck high I could only see the bottom of the leaves. I also have a philodendren there which so far seems to be doing okay. Suggestions for another plant?

Murska Sobota, Slovenia

nice desition

SF Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

You described my bathroom perfectly. I put a small shelf under my bathroom window and I have small spider plants on it. They grow really fast there so I have to keep swapping them out for smaller ones. I fill the bathroom sink with water so the air has more humidity. I also hung a round shelf in front of the window for my crazy agave plant that I couldn't find any other place for.

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