thick walled boxy green sweet pepper

Ogden, UT

We like peppers a lot, especially the sweet bell peppers. I have used California wonders for years and added new test varieties most years, but I have stayed with California wonders because they are what we like.
One year I believe we planted a pepper called big dipper, but I'm not sure. My recall was that it was boxy and thick walled, but it's been too long. I want to try it or another like it again next year.
Does anyone have experience with Big Dipper or do you have a thick walled boxy type pepper that you prefer?
Thanks Rex

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a) It is a large blocky bell. Seems to be susceptible to disease.. Burpee variety but available from a few other sources.

Ogden, UT

Thanks for your info Farmerdill.
I would imagine that there are lots of folk that have great experience and knowledge of peppers that fit the thick walled and boxy category we desire . If you have a favorite or know of one you have liked, we would be very grateful for you input.
Thanks Rex

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

I have grown two that stand out from the crowd. Antebellum and Socrates

Thumbnail by Farmerdill Thumbnail by Farmerdill
Ogden, UT

Thanks for the info. Its about time to start getting things ready for seeding or at least thinking about it and acquiring the seeds. Although we can't plant anything tender outside here in northern Utah until mid May.

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