Crab cactus

Roebling, NJ

Iím aware that this plant is referred to as a crab cactus. I have never seen one that has the added beauty of the pink bulbs that the blooms were attached to. They last permanently and only occasionally does one drop off. Is this type of xmas cactus familiar to anyone?

Thumbnail by kimsbark
Castro Valley, CA

I am no expert on these but I have had quite a few over the years. Hasn't everyone? LOL Hard to walk by when you see one covered in blooms.

I think your is the Thanksgiving Cactus - Schlumbergera truncata.

And your pink bulb is the seedpod. Your flowers got pollinated. It will fall off when it is ripe. I think it takes a long while to ripen which is why you think they are permanent. Cut one open and you will see the seeds. I recall they are black when ripe.

It is an extra added attraction!

Roebling, NJ

Thank you ZilyZily! There are seeds within. I have wondered for years about this feature. Iíve not seen this before.

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