Sunnyvale, CA

This invasive weed is growing all over a backyard in Redwood City, CA. It's a long, thin vine that twists and climbs around anything it can reach. It can get to be many feet high. Leaves are sparse and small. The thin, wiry stems appear black on the bottom, but can change to red or green in places. Sorry that the last photo is blurry.

Thumbnail by KimmyMZ Thumbnail by KimmyMZ Thumbnail by KimmyMZ Thumbnail by KimmyMZ
San Francisco, CA

It might be Asparagus asparagoides. If so, itís a nasty one, somewhat immune to Roundup.

Sunnyvale, CA

It sure does look like that, although I've never seen the little white flowers on it. I try to pull it up whenever I see it. I'm wondering if it spreads by underground runners or by tiny seeds?

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