SOLVED: Is this a Chokeberry or Pin Cherry or ??

Titusville, FL(Zone 9b)

Cumberland County TN is the location. These “trees” are growing along my pasture. The berry is juicy, like a currant.

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Castro Valley, CA

I usually have a clue big or little one on what something might be even if I do not immediately know the full ID. But with red berries I know nothing. Maybe holly. LOL But I love guessing games! So I searched Tennessee red berried trees. Then Eastern Tennessee red berried trees.

Just doing visuals, I doubt yours are pin cherries or Chokeberry as those berries seem to hang on stems.

I came up with 2 that seem to have their red berries floating on top of their leaves.
Ilex verticillata - grows 15 feet or maybe even another holly as holly love Tennessee.

Or the dreaded invasive species Lonicera maackii, bush honeysuckle which I think is more likely by your description It can get 20 feet tall. Though your leaves are a bit off to my eye. Makes sense too that you have them growing out along your pasture, unplanted. They seem to grow in stands too from the limited reading I did.
Birds of a feather
Go poo together.

Do yours have multiple trunks?

Picture of a Lonicera maackii tree from

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Titusville, FL(Zone 9b)

Ok,, I’m the same hedgerow, I have what I’ve identified as Japanese Honeysuckle and it smells SO sweet. So from the link you posted it mentions Japanese honeysuckle— it’s not the same plant though right???? I’d hate to have to get rid of the sweet smelling honeysuckle but I don’t like leaving invasive plants.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I used to hike Kennesaw Mountain (close to Atlanta) quite a bit in the distant past. Between Big and Little Kennesaw Mountain around Feb or March, there was a most fragrant aroma, that I had to find out what it was so I let my nose tell me what direction to go after a few years. There were a few large shrubs with small flowers and I would've never thought honeysuckle (thinking of vines instead of large woody shrubs). Found an article on "winter honeysuckle" and thought they were native at the time. I bought a bush for our property and keep it pruned to the size I want it. I doubt I would ever destroy it and haven't seen much evidence around the bush or property of it being all that invasive. I've got too many other weedy "invasive" plants to be concerned with. Japanese honeysuckle is much more invasive but I do like its scent too.

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