SOLVED: Euphorbia Plant?

Tulsa, OK

Attached is a picture of a plant I bought at a garage sale. The lady their called it a Burro's Tail. I think she is mistaken. Lovely plant! Propagates easily. Thanks for any hints / helps.

Thumbnail by AmbersAcres
Castro Valley, CA

No, not a Burro's Tail.
Rhapsalis comes immediately to mind. I am pretty sure of this by the segmented parts plus how it tries to stand up but some seem to be tumbling down the pot from what I an able to see in your photo. A better photo would help.

Pretty sure not a euphorbia. But you can break a part off and see if it bleeds white milk. But beware, euphorbia sap can cause skin distress and even blindness so wear glasses and gloves and wash your hands well after.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

This is Hatiora salicornioides. It blooms yellow flowers in winter. I have grown it for over thirty years and shared cuttings with fellow Dave's Gardeners. Though similar to Rhipsalis sp., and previously named a Rhip., it was moved over a decade ago.

Castro Valley, CA

OK dinner is done. Look at Rhipsalis salicornioides (syn. Hatiora salicornioides)

Maybe? There are a couple of variants but I lost interest in checking them out till at least there are better photos. Did the previous owner tell you about the flowers? Are they yellow?

Photos and care of Rhipsalis salicornioides

In enlarging your pic to try to see detail, I noticed a plant in the back that looks like it is in bloom with tiny white flowers. I am assuming it is separate from the 1 you want IDed. Any chance that iis Salicornia europaea which would be so cool though a huge long shot. LOL.,_1753_Priv_140528_3713.jpg

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