Clematis - Could any one tell me which group it is in? Or even ID the plant if possible? Want to prune it ...

Oxford, United Kingdom

I have this clematis. It has dark green distinctively shaped leaves, and when it flowers it is white. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the flowers, but I think there were only one or two, large ones.

It is woody at the bottom, and then this year it has grown so, so long. I would estimate 20 feet if laid out straight? It has grown like a vine sideways and wrapped and knotted itself firmly around a rosemary bush, and then a mahonia tree, and is now outgrowing it, looking for something else.

The stems are a purple-ish colour.

I want to prune it, and put up a trellis for it, and encourage more flowers next year.

I would really appreciate if anyone could guess at least what group of clematis it is? Then I could know how to prune it and when. Even better if anyone knows the actual name of it.

The first picture is the woody stems.
The second picture shows the purple stems knotted and the leaves.
The third picture gives an idea of the length, growing up the mahonia tree.

Thank you very much.

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Castro Valley, CA

Clematis virginiana supports itself like that in your photo and grows up thru trees. Has white blooms and red stems at times with trifoliate leaves. But it should be blooming right now. It blooms on new wood. So you prune hard in early spring to get the new wood for that autumn blooming.

But the flowers are not what I consider large and the ones I have seen there are tons of flowers on it when in bloom.

Oxford, United Kingdom

Thank you! :) I have been trying to identify this for a while. I think you are absolutely right that it is Clematis virginiana. The flowers look like the ones I saw, and the leaves and stems are exactly right.

It's group 3 I see. I am going to prune it hard in early spring as you say, and unknot all those vines - it's also known as the "Devilís Darning Needles" - and cut them down.

I just measured it and it is around 18 inches of woody stem from the ground. By cutting hard, how many inches should it be from the ground to where I cut it? I'm not sure if it can grow out of the wood which looks dead, or whether I must cut well above the 18 inches of woody stem.

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