CLOSED: ID this Spider about 3.5 cm wide

Islamabad , Pakistan

Saw this spider behind the washer in my 12th floor apartment located in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Islamabad is located very close to the Margalla hills that are part of Himalayan Mountain range. This area has a lot of vegetation and good rainfall too

Size of this spider from one side to the other is around 3.5 centimeters.

Is this spider dangerous? If yes, how do I carefully catch it and release it into the jungle?

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Minot, ND

This is a huntsman spider (family Sparassidae). Also known as giant crab spiders, large specimens can deliver a painful (but not dangerous) bite if mishandled. Their bite is not considered medically significant.

Islamabad , Pakistan

Hey Flapdoodle,

Ok, understood. I'll let this adorable spider live in our apartment. She/he is a shy type and cute too. It was sitting on the floor very near the washer and while I was talking about it, I gave a hand gesture towards it and it just politely slipped under the washer (while still being partially visible). How cute.

Furthermore, it likes to live near slightly damp places. This is his living space in the picture.

Thanks for your reply; much appreciated.

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