SOLVED: What is this plant? My chickens love it.

Provo, UT

I've been struggling to ID this wild plant growing in my yard. The chickens love its leaves and go gaga for the little green seed pods -- with no ill effects -- but I have no idea what it is! I've tried several internet searches to figure it out, but I haven't found anything quite matching it yet. Please help!

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Bretten, Germany

Atriplex hortensis with seedpods?

Castro Valley, CA

I do not have a clue but something so messy with so many seed pods cannot be good. Did you look into invasive weeds? Plus what the wind doesn't blow far and wide the chicks and birds will deposit all over.

If I had them, I would be bagging them for the trash. I wonder if you kept a few but cut off the seed pods, you could keep them growing for the leaves for your chicks.

Provo, UT

Quote from suse :
Atriplex hortensis with seedpods?

Thank you Suse, I think you are correct! That would also explain why I was finding so many look-alikes while trying to ID it (dock, fat hen) because they are all in the amaranth family. Happy to know this is a safe edible for my chickens and my family. :) Maybe I'll try to plant it along the chicken pen next year -- it grows viney and tall, so I'm thinking it will make a nice edible screen for them (and then their voracious appetite can keep it in check).
Thank you both for your help! :D

Bretten, Germany

...if there are too many plants, you can eat the young leaves like spinach..

......."Eat the weeds".....

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