Indoor Watering Hose for bringing plants in this fall?

Royal Oak, MI

Hey Guys!

It's about to be fall here in Michigan and I'm about to endure my first winter with the house plant collection that I rapidly accumulated within this past summer ( I think 45 now??) I'm going to have to bring my plants indoors and I was wondering if anyone has heard of any type of hose that I can attach to my sink or something? Also does anyone have any advice for what I should be doing to my plants before I bring them in for the winter? Thank you in advance!

Santa Monica, CA

Hi houseplantgarde,

I have also run into the same situation as you. I am 68 years old now and carrying my watering can around my house is not as easy as it used to be. Recently I found a company called The Watering Vine that sells exactly that, a hose that connects to your sink. I connect mine to my bathroom sink and water all my plants in my house in one go. I have linked it below:

I can also give you my two cents on what you can do before brining your plants in for the winter. I recommend you spray them down with a hose to get off any bugs that may be hiding in your plants and then I recommend wiping the leaves down with Neem Oil. The same company makes that as well:

Best of luck to you and let us know if this works out for you!

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I had cataract surgery in Dec 2019 (right eye) and Jan 2020 (left eye). The surgery center did not want me to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds or bend lower than horizontal at the waist. That is hard to do for watering chores so I hooked up a 50 foot lightweight hose (one of those blue ones from Walmart or Sam's Club - H2O Flex) to our basement shower (an easy adapter from Home Depot (shower hose to garden hose is all was needed). The hose was too short to go from the shower to the farthest corner of the basement though so I replaced the 50' with a 75' and I have kept it that way since I set it up. It not only helped me out during the two weeks of light duty after each surgery but sped up the watering chores immensely. It sure beats filling 3 gallon kitty litter containers and then carrying nearly 25 pounds of water throughout the basement. The one thing about the container was adding fertilizer to the water every once in a while.

I was coiling the hose into a Rubbermaid bin but now just loop it in a figure 8 pattern on the floor of the bathroom (basement) for easy unwinding.

PS: unwind it to the place you want to water before turning on the water since carrying a hose through different rooms is much easier being empty than being full and heavier.

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