SOLVED: Blue Flower

Cape Coral, FL

This post is an extension of my previous post (Wild Blue Flower). I went back to the site and took more pictures. My first observations were wrong. The flower is on a long thin vine. One pic show's large hanging pods also on the vine. It's so entwined it's hard to tell which leaves belong to it. This one was interestingly entwined in a yellow Showy Rattlebox bush. The flowers seem almost the same, but different color. Hope this helps. Thanks

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I suspected a vining fabaceae (pea family) but didn't see a vine. Looks like Florida native Canavalia rosea which can be rose to blue-purple. Check it out.

Castro Valley, CA

That is so funny I did not see a legume, pea flower. I have looked at so many. I had the flower turned upside down in my mind. It is a typical pea flower and a typical pea pod. Family Fabaceae is the pea family! LOL The beach bean. I missed in your story that you saw it near a beach. I think it is edible when small but is poison if too old.

I had so much fun with this 1!!

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Almost, but not quite. I believe this might be Canavalia gladiata. The color is a better match as well as the resupinate (upside down) morphology. Resupinate flowers are common in orchids, normal in dome species and a deformity in others. Orchids is more my area.

Cape Coral, FL

Thanks everybody. You did great!

(Zone 9b)

Oh look, I found an almost perfect match to your 4th photo.

Go find another cool plant to get us thinking! LOL!_(6035943977).jpg

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