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San Francisco, CA

perhaps a euphorbia? caustic white sap, thin jagged palm-like foliage, bright yellow flowers. thanks for your help.

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Castro Valley, CA

The only reason I know this one is because someone posted it on Facebook just a few days ago. I loved it so much I saved the photo of it (below) in my 'Need to Have' file.
Sonchus palmensis with the typical yellow sonchus flowers.

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San Francisco, CA

thanks for identifying for me. now to propagate it from some stems I acquired!

San Francisco, CA

Sonchus canariensis is often seen here in SF.
I have had little luck with cuttings, but it grows like a weed from fresh seed.

Castro Valley, CA

Vestia, I looked up Sonchus canariensis for a quick look and after a real quick look, I could not tell the difference between Sonchus canariensis and Sonchus palmensis.

I did find this on the difference on San Marcos Grower site a fav reference:
"This plant (Sonchus canariensis) is rare in its natural habit in in the Canary Islands where it is found in the southern region of Tenerife Island and in a couple canyons on Gran Canaria Island and is similar to Sonchus palmensis, which only grows on La Palma Island. Both of these species have been at times listed as varieties or subspecies of Sonchus hierrensis and Sonchus pinnatus and in Zoe and David Bramwell's Wildflowers of the Canary Island the differences between these two have been described with Sonchus canariensis being the taller, up to 3 meters tall with larger flower heads, that are up to 1.5 cm wide, in a more open inflorescence. Sonchus palmensis is noted as growing to 2 meters tall with dense inflorescence of much smaller heads of flowers containing fewer florets." From

You are smarter than I am so I bet Doug's cuttings are Sonchus canariensis being from SF.

I also tried to find the FB post I got that picture from just to reread it but could not find it again. But I did find this fun post of multiple kinds of Sonchus which solidified my interest. Though supposedly both are pictured though not sure which is which.

Castro Valley, CA

In case you cannot see the FB post these are his pictures of 6 species of sonchus.
"A few photos of some of the Sonchus we grow in our garden
S acaulis ,S canariensis, S palmensis ,
S fruticosus S pinatus
And S gonzalepadronii"

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Castro Valley, CA

And the 6th.

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