Dracaena Limelight Problems

Maplewood, NJ

What's wrong with my Dracaena Limelight? I only bought it a little over a month ago and it looks like it already has root rot. I've only watered it twice since then and have kept it in a room with sheer curtains and moderate sunlight.

This is my second attempt with this plant. The same thing happened with the last one I had.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Dracaenas are supposed to be easy to grow but can be challenging. Do you have hard water? Fluoridated water? Did you fertilize? They are sensitive to salts and fluoride. The first sign is yellowing and then brown leaf tips and margins. Either repot in fresh soil or flush soil thoroughly with rain water, distilled water or purified water. Don't use spring water unless it says "purified". Continue in future with salt and fluoride free water and flush soil once or twice a year. Fertilize sparingly to avoid salt build up.

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