Yumbo, Colombia

That's what my gardener called it which would translate to "big bee". He warned me that I have a nest and they are extremely dangerous. I'd like to get some kind of handle on what it is. Photos not very good because I used a telephoto lens not wanting to get close. It seems to have a gray back and yellow/beige rear section. I think I spotted a black stripe between the gray and beige.

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Minot, ND

Well, you've done it again - I'm stumped on this one. It's overall appearance reminds me of a bumble bee, but none of the species reported from Colombia match it. Centris nebulosa (https://www.gbif.org/pt/species/9223446/treatments) has some resemblance, but I'm pretty sure that's not your species.
If you want to poke around a bit, you could have a look at this publication: https://www.jstor.org/stable/25086120

Yumbo, Colombia

Thank you, as bees go it's a bit of a monster. Thank you for those leads.

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