SOLVED: Yellow blossom wildflower ID please

Harrison, AR

This willowy wildflower has been blooming each fall at my place. Limbs are up to 3 feet in length. Yellow blossoms appear to have 5 petals. Leaves are approximately 2" long. I would like to save the seeds and propagate it if possible. Quite a few "volunteer" clumps of the plant have come up this year and bloomed.

Thumbnail by ozarkie Thumbnail by ozarkie
Bretten, Germany

Could it bve some sort of Solidago rugosa, maybe 'Fireworks' ?

Castro Valley, CA

I wonder if it is Solidago caesia which is native where you are.

This is a good article with pictures and a detailed description. It has a picture of a seedling that might help you with an ID as the baby leaves are serrated while the mature ones do not look they are. Interesting on how they spread out.

Harrison, AR

suse, the yellow flowered plant certainly looks like S. rugosa, "Fireworks". Thanks for the reply and info.

ZilyZily, the photos of S. caesia show flowers with a elongated, trumpet-shaped sheath (I'm not a biologist...don't know the proper terminology, sorry). On my plant the blooms are attached directly to the stem with no lengthy connecting part, so I think I have S. rugosa.

Thanks to both of you for the quick ID. Some folks are allergic to golden rod plants varieties, but it's not that widespread, therefore I hope it continues to bloom where it is....beautiful, bright yellow plant.

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