Grow lighting help needed :-(

I'm looking at 4ft 4 tube LED sets from Amazon.
I'm finding some companies will list information if asked & others are vague in their answers, or refuse to answer at all.
I've found contradictory information on the web as to what numbers are important & what's not.
I thought watts were important, per a couple sites.
I read lumens weren't important.
I read whether it's a T5 or T8 tube, it doesn't matter. That the T number only indicates tube size.
But otherwise I don't know what numbers are important, so I need help.
Please & thanks!
•Kelvin - This should be between 4,000 & 6,000 for nonflowering houseplants?
•CRI - This should be 90 or above?
•Spectrum - Look for "full". But what numbers represent "full"? And what nm & percentage number per color?
•What PAR number?
•What PPFD number in inches?

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