Advice on propagation of large amount of ground cover

Burlington, CT

Hi All, I'm planning to propagate a large amount of ground cover and looking for advice.

I live I've in Connecticut - east coast region 5
I have a hill 12 feet tall with an approximate 45% incline 80 feet long
Currently, there are a few shrubs used for ground cover. I'm planning to trim these quite a bit and fill them in with solid ground cover
The soil is sandy and washes downhill onto the lawn
The area is mostly shaded maybe 2 hours of indirect sun per day
The area is surrounded by very tall oak trees (shade the area)
Estimate 1000 plants needed

I'm planning to add a 6x6 beam at the base to help stop the soil from washing down and fill the area in between the bushes with a ground cover

Qualities I'm looking for in the ground cover (in order of importance)

1. fast-growing
2. strong root system to help with erosion
3. Tough - need ability to walk on and rake out leaves etc
4. Attractive- ideally a variegated type but I dont think that's possible for my requirements. Ideally I'd like some color - whiteish or yellowish

My independent research so far pointed me to

English ivy - have access to unlimited healthy cuttings
Periwinkle - have access to cuttings but I don't think this a bulky or tough enough
Yellow archangel - have access to cuttings, I like the look it has, a nice silver blend color but I don't think its tough enough or fast-growing
Pachysandra- don't have direct access but I can probably get some for cuttings. I think this may be the inevitable choice.

Id like suggestions on the type of ground cover
Method for rapid cultivation
I'm looking to make a project of this over the winter
Looking to generate 1000+ plants
I have a nice south-facing sunroom and tall wire shelves
Looking to start asap and be done by May 2022 to plan on the hill

Ideally, I'd like to use seeds as they are ae most manageable and clean to work with.
Otherwise, I'm thinking of doing cuttings
Thoughts? :-)

Thank you!

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