Requesting info for house plant region of origin

Edmonton, Canada

I Am trying to figure out some plants I could put with some ivies, in either a dish garden or terrarium. I would like to use plants from the same region, but can"t think of any other house plants other than maybe some variety of fern that might come from more northern lattitudes.

I have found a small uprooted fern ball at a forestry site in the foothills near Rocky Moutain House, Alberta, which has been growing outdoors in a pot for a couple years, slowly - I want to bring it in to grow it big, and maybe put that in said terrarium. I am also considering using a paphiopedulum orchid, strawberry plant, wild/native violet...Some type of tree would be really neat - maybe a blueberry plant which looks like a little tree.

If anyone knows any houseplants from the northen regions similar to England or other places ivies are from, could you recommend some? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Edmonton, Canada

If anyone was following this thread - i have disovered several ferns that i believe come from the same region as the ivies - England. And so they might grow well ltogether.

One is a common houseplant caslled the harts tongue fern - it doesn't have lacey fronds - more of like one solid green tongue as a frond.

Their was also the "bracken" which seems losely defined, and scaly male fern which come from the region.

I think around western centralish alberta (jasper, but i maybe mistaken and its banff - 2/300km south) we have paphiopetalum orchids that peopl collect from jasper. And i have seen wild yellow ladt slipper orchids around Edmonton. I thnink these northern region plants will make a cool terarrium.

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