I have no success with crassula ovata

Amery, WI

bought crassula ovata twice but it die after 6-7 months. I want to know what I am doing wrong.

But in same condition in terms of tempreature and water my phothos thrive very well.

Now I am going to buy crassula ovata again but this I want thrive it, So please let me what i do to care for it. Hope some experience guys will help me

Castro Valley, CA

Where I live when you drive down streets, you will see these succulents every other house. Everyone has at least one. I think because they propagate so easily and are so easy to grow.

Years ago when I first moved to California from the East coast, I could not believe the size of these crassulas. Some were 7 foot hedges. I came upon a 5 foot one that had been knocked over by a car. The owners did not want it. I loaded it into my car, stuck the rootless trunk in dirt and it it is still on my front porch 40 years later. It might get water twice a year!

Which brings me to the only thing I can think you could be doing wrong is how you are watering it. It is a fleshy succulent so it stores water in its leaves and fat trunk. This means you can water it a lot less than your pothos. It hates to have its roots kept wet.

So plant it in a planter with holes in the bottom. Fill it with fast draining soil. Do not over pot it for that will keep too much wet soil on its roots. Then only water it when it has dried out. It can go a bit between waterings.

Pictures of the plant as it is dying would help an ID of problem.

Did you know even if the base rots, if you move fast cutting off the still firm healthy growth, the pieces will easily root to make new plants.

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