Sunnyvale, CA

What is this lovely tall bush with the pink, droopy flowers? I can't remember the name of the orange vine either.

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Castro Valley, CA

The pink one is a Tree dahlia (Dahlia imperialis). They are all over the Bay Area.

Is the orange one vine like? Maybe Cape Honeysuckle, (Tecomaria capensis).

Sunnyvale, CA

Yes. You are right on both accounts. Thanks!

Castro Valley, CA

I bought my Dahlia imperialis from Annies Annuals many years ago. I bet they still sell it if you want one. I recall it bloomed late in the season when I needed the color.

I had planted a Tecomaria capensis years ago to grow along my back fence. A month or so after, my behind my house neighbor stuck his head over the fence and literally yelled at me for planting such an invasive vine. I had been so thrilled with its non stop flowering.

But I decided to heed his warning. I went to take it out and it had already sent many runners along the whole base of the fence. I think they were easy to yank up because they were relatively new. I thanked that neighbor in my head!

It was like the time I planted Horsetail (Equisetum hyemale) in my backyard and a few months later, they started popping up all over my grass many feet away from the 1 I planted. LOL That error took about 2 years to undo.

When I planted Ipomoea indica in a big pot, it sent runners out the drainage holes, sent a thousand runners out which even grew into other pots drainage holes and then under my fence out of the courtyard into my front garden. I never could get it all. It roots at each joint as soon as it touches soil. An incredible nightmare. It finally beat me when I got too old to fight it or care.

Oh they are out of stock. Look at their video. WOW. It is the perfect plant to look up at!!!!!!!!

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