SOLVED: Pink Flowering Plant, Large Oval Leaves

Ashland, CA

With recent rain, some plants here have been fooled into a false spring. I think this might be an example. It's in the Hayward yard of a young friend who recently married and moved into a home/yard with her new hubby. The yard is beautifully planted, but neither my friend nor I know this lovely. You can see the red center of the petals, long stamens, and flowers grouped centrally in clusters of 4-6 above the foliage. Leaves appear a little waxy to me. I just have this photo, so don't know the dimensions, but from context it looks like it is perhaps 2' by 2'. Any ID, so my friend knows how to care for it, will be appreciated. Thank You! Bev

Thumbnail by bgpowell
Castro Valley, CA

Reminds me of a Bergenia but not sure which one.

When I first moved to Oakland many years ago, the house we rented had a huge patch of something very similar in the front. At night or after rain, they were covered in snails. Just covered. I had never seen a snail before. I was beyond grossed out.

My kind of Bergenia was Bergenia crassifolia I think.

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I have seen this plant in Christ Church of India, Cypress Ave, San Jose, CA.
Thanks to
ZilyZily Castro Valley, CA
for identification. I have learnt a new plant.


Ashland, CA

ZilyZily, Thank you so much for the plant identification.
As for your comment about snails, as a transplant from the East via the Midwest, I have nothing but horror when I see these pests that plague the San Francisco Bay area. Yikes!
Thank you to both respondents.

Castro Valley, CA

bgpowell, wait till you start your own garden and have to go out at midnight to collect them. They will literally eat any new plant planted down to the ground by the very next day.

Your fingers get covered in a sticky slime that is impossible to wash off. I would use Comet and even that had a hard time dissolving the slime.

I started carrying salt out with me, a no touch killer. I fear I may go to hell for this.
I bet all that salt was not a god garden amendment. LOL

JohnJebaraj, I love seeing new plants too! It is never boring.

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