SOLVED: I\\\'m thinking some type of Daisy?

Tacoma, WA

I love the leaves and is it Hardy in zone 7B?

Thumbnail by tacomagardener
Castro Valley, CA

Reminds me of an Argyranthemum.

Similar to this

Tacoma, WA

Yes that sure does look like it I had thought about a red Robinson's chrysanthemum but the leaves were a little different it says an annual but I took that photo yesterday but we've had a really mild fall wondering if it would self-seed or if it may survive the winter

Castro Valley, CA

It does not seem to tolerate cold well. Perhaps if you covered it well it might come back from the roots.

Self seeding seems to be off the table but why don't you try to root some cutting on your window sill?

Atlanta, GA

As that nursery describes it as an annual, does hardiness matter?

Castro Valley, CA

It depends where you live. Many labeled as annual can be perennial in warm climates. Many plants could be perennial but actually do better and look better if you just plant new ones every year, so those too can be labeled annual.

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