How to treat cacti close to a heater in winter??

s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Hello there!

I have a question as to how to treat my cacti in winter, this winter to be precise.
I live in the Netherlands, so in a cold climate. I recently moved house to a somewhat darker house and for them to get optimal sunlight, they are mostly positioned at the windows. But our central heating radiators are also just below the window. This means that hot air get amongst the cacti. see pics.
It usually gets up to around 19 degrees celcius (66 farenheit) during the day and around 14 celcius (57 farenheit) during the night.

Now I have learned to leave the cacti alone ( not entirely, naturally) in winter in colder climates so they can hibernate. But since they will be in warm air, how should i take care of them? I really don't want to cause rot or too much drought. Is they a guideline?

Thanks everyone!

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