SOLVED: another one for ID

Newbury Park, CA

This one to me is a little weird. The dried leaves and their thick stalks were dead, brown, and drooping underneath the live leaves you see in the photos. I removed them. And then when I trimmed the top of the plant it oozed a white sticky material. Is this a flowering plant?

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Castro Valley, CA

That one is so beautiful! I did cheat a bit checking for its cultivar name but clearly it is a Fatsia japonica of which there are a few really nice cultivars.

Fatsia japonica Variegata Camouflage

The first time I saw Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web', I spent several days locating 1 then drove 3 hours to get my prize. It did not disappoint. We were in love.

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Castro Valley, CA

I didn't see your question about it flowering. I assume it flowers look like the typical Fatsia japonica. I love it when it flowers though with your leaves, those seems to be the main attraction.

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Castro Valley, CA

Oh I just found a photo of what I think maybe yours with flowers down the page a bit.

Newbury Park, CA

ZilyZily - thanks for identifying it. It says it requires low maintenance and moderate to low water. I'll keep it around and see how it looks in the summer.

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