SOLVED: dark leafy small plant that flowers

Newbury Park, CA

Sorry to bother again. I've got another one that needs identification. I've got several of these. Some of them are having some sort of disease or something as you can see in the photo.

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Castro Valley, CA

My guess hydrangea.

Had you posted another hydrangea (a variegated one) the other day that had a spot disease too?

Could be fungal. Do not the leaves wet. Especially late in day. Discard all infected leaves and leave none on ground either.

Castro Valley, CA

Hi again mwtzzz
I had more time this AM so I googled brown spots oh hydrangeas for you.

Found this info
"Leaf spots
Small, round, brown or purplish spots on hydrangea leaves are common. Often, affected leaves turn yellowish green and fall off, although the plant usually survives. The problem is caused by a fungus that spreads via spores in wet or humid conditions. To control leaf spot, avoid watering your hydrangeas from overhead, and again, remove and destroy diseased plant parts. If summer rains make the problem worse, try a fungicide such as Immunox (always follow label directions).

Brown, tan, yellowish or black spots on hydrangea leaves may be anthracnose. You can also identify it by cankers that form on stems and branches. Anthracnose can be fatal to hydrangeas, so prune out dead or diseased plant parts and destroy them. To keep fungal spores from spreading, also remove mulch from the affected area. Use a fungicide designed for anthracnose, and follow label directions carefully."

Plus there is a lot more info on possible other problems here too.

Newbury Park, CA

Thanks for that info. I'll prune these guys and see what happens.

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