SOLVED: Four succulents in California

Oakland, CA

I bought these succulents at a local nursery in Oakland, California but they had no labels.
I'm hoping with your identification help I can care for them better.

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Castro Valley, CA

Which nursery?

#1 Looks like Kalanchoe luciae, common name flapjacks or paddles.
Not so much Kalanchoe thyrsiflora. There is some confusion

#2 Possibly a Senecio (Curio now) , like Senecio serpens,  blue chalksticks
or Senecio mandraliscae
or Senecio ficoides,

#3 A Crassula ovata cultivar, there are a few now.
Maybe Crassula ovata ‘Gollum'

#4 I think it is probably an echeveria but there are so many now hard to know which one. Many also can really vary in color depending on watering or temperature.
Perhaps Echeveria Violet Queen

Though maybe also a hybird echeveria like Graptoveria ‘Debbi’

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Oakland, CA

Thank you ZilyZily!
They were bought at Broadway Terrace Nursery.

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