Opinion on Replacing Hardy Kiwi Vines

(Zone 7a)

I have a 3 panel vinyl trellis I set up along my post and rail fence to create some privacy. About 8 years ago, I planted a tiny sprig of Carolina Jessamine that I received in a plant exchange to grow up the trellis. The little sprig had a rough start and just didn't take off like I'd hoped so I moved it farther up the fence, not really expecting it to survive.

I now have two 7 year old hardy kiwi vines (1 male, 1 female) growing on the trellises. The vines have been producing an abundant amount of fruit in the past 2 years and are very happy... too happy! I cannot keep up with trimming these beasts! They are on a slope, in a really difficult spot to trim. I hack them back at least 3 times a season and it is not an easy job. Before I know it they're climbing up the nearby tree. My neighbors are incredibly kind about the vine and my hope was that their kids would enjoy picking and eating the fruit to make up for its unruliness. However, they really don't like the kiwis. I pop onto their side of the fence now and then to give it trim for them (thank God we're friends).

The fruit is pretty tasty when perfectly ripe, but the acidity also seems to burn my mouth if I eat more than a few. My poor toddler ate them at an alarming rate until his mouth was on fire and he was in a tearful fit. He hasn't eaten them since.

As I look at my now gorgeous (and evergreen) Carolina Jessamine this winter, I can't help but consider saying goodbye to these hardy kiwis and see if I can transplant the Jessamine back to its originally intended location. I think the vinyl trellises are much better suited to support a more manageable, less heavy, vine like the Jessamine. I would also appreciate the evergreen aspect for privacy through the winter.

After years of waiting for these Kiwi to establish and fruit... am I crazy? Is this a terrible idea? We have a neighborhood plant exchange in the spring and I would likely offer them up there in the hope of them successfully transplanting to a new loving home.

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