Can anyone identify this gorgeous rose shrub?

Carlsbad, CA

Looks like a floribunda, not sure. Also looks like a Jackson and Perkins 'Royal Welcome' hybrid tea? It was an existing rose when my niece bought her home.

Thumbnail by CarlsbadRosie
Castro Valley, CA

Has she been trimming it to keep the bush shape? It really looks like Rosa 'Joseph's Coat' but that is a climber. The way the yellow blooms are tipped with orange is just like 'Joseph's Coat'.

Whatever it is, it is amazing!! She should root some shoots.

Are those all her cactus? So cool!

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9b)

This looks a lot like Disneyland, the Jackson and Perkins floribunda.

Castro Valley, CA

I thought of Disneyland too but it flowers in clusters with no yellow. Blooms are blended pink to orange.

Thumbnail by ZilyZily
Atascadero, CA

Ketchup & mustard rose tree

Castro Valley, CA

I have never heard of Ketchup & Mustard. Such a pretty rose. But its flowers are very uniform in color.

I would go more with Rosa 'Rio Samba' as a possibility.

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