Identification: Mystery plant

Palmer, MA

For probably 5+ years a "mystery plant" keeps coming up in the same place. It starts out reddish in color, becoming green by summer. In the attached photo it is surrounded by Convallaria majalis. Any ideas as to what it is, please? Thank you.

Thumbnail by Cyprepedium
Bretten, Germany

Compare with Fallopia sachalinensis.

Palmer, MA

To "Suse": Thank you for the very good suggestion. When I looked for Fallopia, it brought up Reynoutria sachalinensis first. From the descriptions given, I don't believe that's my "mystery plant." For one thing, my plant doesn't seem to get any taller than a foot or so. Also, it hasn't spread rapidly (certainly not as rapidly as its immediate neighbor the Convellaria majalis). I don't remember from last year if it had a flower.
Thank you, again.

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