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I planted some corms in my backyard decades ago. They only flower this time of year. Does anyone know the name of these tiny gems?

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If you go to Berkeley Bot right now you will see these flowering in the South African Garden which is a most incredible sight right now. I used to go just about daily at this time of year.

I am pretty sure the 1st one is a Morea. A South African bulb. Comes in incredible mixed colors too. The Pacific Bulb Society site is great for IDing bulbs.

The second 1 also is to be found at Berkeley Bot as Growin evidently found it.

I didn't know they, esp the Morea were easily found commercially. I used to buy a lot of my South African bulbs at Berkeley Bot. A fantastic place to find a rare bulb or plant. I got to know the lady in charge of putting out the plants for sale. I was a lachenalia obsessed person. Berkeley Bot was 1 of the few places to get them and not for $10 a mini bulb either which is what I had pay for them elsewhere.

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Today's Bloom of the Day, is a South African bulb too.
Codonorhiza corymbosa. Another so cool one! I love them all!

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I am a big supporter of the University of California Botanical Garden. While some insist on calling it some variation of the “Berkeley Botanical Garden” that is not its name. You may visit to view their collections.
The East Bay Regional Parks also has a garden called the Tilden Regional Parks Botanical Garden, but it is not properly in Berkeley. And that garden focuses mostly on native plants.

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LOL I am so guilty as I always call it Berkeley Bot, a term of complete affection. I think the real name might be the 'University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley' but alas too long.

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Thanks so much Zily Zily and Vestia. Really enjoyed the pictures. I think that 2nd photo of mine is definitely the Harlequin Flower. I just remembered the name of the first one which is "Homeria". Is that one of the Moraea?

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Hi Kimmy. I think I was so trying to get 'University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley' right that I slacked and screwed up the spelling of Moraea though to honest I thought I had it right. LOL

Sorry my Pacific Bulb Society link to the homeria page failed. I posted new ones below if you want to look.

I think in the great wisdom the plant nomenclature Gods, they have been playing in the Moraea genus figuring what group previous plants named as Homeria and Moraea are in fact in the right group. They seem to overlap a lot as in the accepted name is now Moraea but the synonym is Homeria which I gather was its past name. Or even the reverse. I cannot ever keep up with their changes.

Though Berkeley Bot will have both kinds of bulbs. LOL

1st page Moraea of many

Homeria 1st page

In looking around just now I wonder if yours is Moraea ochroleuca (syn Homeria ochroleuca).

But after all that it seems no one has yet posted a photo of Moraea ochroleuca at the Pacific Bulb Society site.

Look at this 1 and see what you think.

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Photo Moraea ochroleuca

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