SOLVED: Unknown Crinum

Ijamsville, MD

Iíve had this crinum for at least 12-15 years and it blooms beautifully every year but I canít recall where I got it and it appears to be one that should not be so reliably hardy here in Zone 6b-7a (Frederick County, MD) depending on what you believe for the USDA Hardiness zones. What type is it? Your thoughts are appreciated, thanks.

Thumbnail by Wool59
Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Cannot name the variety, but it appears to be a hippaestrum more than a crinum.

Castro Valley, CA

That is a great 1 too. Your leaves are not messy looking. I used to have a few crinums in my garden but they were so floppy, I hated them. Also they took off and were taking over. I dug out so many bulbs just after a couple of years that I filled garbage bags to give them all away.

Yours could even be an intergeneric cross, x Amarcrinum, which is a cross between an Amaryllis Belladonna and a Crinum.
the 1st one kind of looks like yours.

Am I wrong to think you have light pink buds there?

It maybe hard to get an accurate ID. Not only are there many Crinum species but endless white crinum hybrids and hybrids X hybrids out there.

Have you looked at Crinum moorei? They seem to have the more upright foliage and pinkish buds.

Or Crinum x powelii Alba seem to have more upright leaves too.

Here is another though no leaves shown.

You might want to scroll thru the ones pictured at the Pacific Bulb site. I barely looked but I saw a few that had the pink buds too.
Crinum Hybrids White

page 2

Pink buds

And the species they have pictured.

I will say there are some I do lust over still. On occasion I look at the ones offered on eBay. The vivid pink striped ones call my name. The need is real.

Ijamsville, MD

Terrific research ZilyZily! Very helpful. Iím convinced itís an Amarcrinum now. I think the petals are too rounded to be a crinum which would be from the amaryllis side, I assume. The buds are very slightly pink but the flowers are pure white and the foliage is strapped and upright. Iím also pretty sure the hardiness zone map is incorrect for my location, or Iím in a desirable micro clime because itís not supposed to thrive here. Thanks very much for the help.

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