I知 back again

East Prairie, MO(Zone 7a)

I have been away for a while. I had a heart attack last year and multiple strokes, but it痴 been almost a year and doing well now. A little slower now but still gardening. In fact a lot more this year. I moved to another house into a smaller one and there were only a few daffodils on the side year and found a mock orange tree growing against another tree in the back yard. I had a fenced in back yard for my two dogs but lost both dogs. I started tearing down the fence because I knew I I was not going to get anymore dogs. I have my two inside cats, Monkey and Noodles. I have been.planting flower beds in the front yard. I started before it got two hot because just can稚 take the heat, in fact I had the heart attack just after I mowed my yard last year. I have someone mowing for me now. I know some of you will remember my friend Jo Miklovic who was also a member. Really miss her, she was a dear lady. I moved here from NC after my husband passed to be with my siblings. Since I moved here have lost three of them. The only brother I have left out of seven boys has moved in with me. He is 89 years old and has dementia and is under my care now. So gardening helps relieve a lot of stress for me. My strokes affected my eyes at first and now sometimes it takes a little while for me to remember the name of a plant but eventually it will come to me. I am blessed to be getting along as well as I am because I had multiple strokes and it did not affect my limbs. So anyway glad to be back.


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