Remind me!PLEASE

Plato, MO(Zone 5a)

PLEASE ANY ALL FOLKS I OWE SEEDS/SASEs TO...Please remind me! I am so sorry.Seems this just ISN't my year!WRECKED my,the deer's not doing so well either!Septic system on this old house has go heywire!!Snow then ice,then snow,then ice!i can't get the gargage open to get to grannys' lilys!

And anyone else notice the 'snailmail'is going to extremes to hold true to thier name?Gabriella sent me seeds WEEKS ago,I JUST recieved them?

Enough whinning...I found a couple nice sites to (site is packed) ( I LOVE THIS ONE ). everybody,all at once now...."your forgiven".Cool,now send me the notes so I can get caught up.You guys are the best!

LOL& keep warm,
KimC [email protected]

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Hi Kim,
I'm guilty! I just put an SASE to you over the weekend for Phlox seeds, and I don't remember putting a note in the envelope reminding you what it is for.
Please forgive.

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