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Welcome to Garden Talk

Here I hope that all gardeners will share their experiences, ask their questions, and contribute their expertise to make us all better gardeners!

This time of year is probably the time when we move need this forum, as we're all planning our gardens and trying to figure out what special things we might need to do to prepare our seeds for their big upcoming production!

Your host,

Kansas City , MO(Zone 6a)


Lakota, ND(Zone 3a)

Thanks so much Dave for doing so much to help us gardeners out. You are too kind.

Plato, MO(Zone 5a)

I'm so happy!!!

"Dave's" is the next best thing to...ICE CREAM!!

Schenevus, NY

a couple of ?s
I have lots of old packets of seed. kept dry but last yr planted some things which did not come up. Even some things which are easy. (ex. Beets) Once read of a way to check germination on seeds. Something about a damp paper towel. Do I do this before planting outside, and plant very carefull if i see activity on seed.?
#2..I have a brugmansia inside. It seems to be always covered with bugs. Little flying things if I beat the pot(they seem to be crawling in the soil) and the leaves have little light greenish soft things all over. I use safer soap, I've use alcohol with wintergreen and swabbed the whole thing...but in two days they're back. Any sugestions.?

Hi eiroberts,

This is not the right thread to be posting this question. You probably want to start a new thread with your question. Go back to the bottom of the Garden Talk forum front page to start the new thread.


Chamois, MO(Zone 5a)

Thanks Dave for starting this site. I moved over here from GW. You know what they say about the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Vernon

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