HELP ! ! It started out looking like spider webs.....

Houghton Lake, MI(Zone 4a)

My cousin moved in the week of thanksgiving from Oklahoma.
She too is a dirt digger and had lots of plants
Even though the room she is living in at my house is full of light she needed to put 2 plants in my garden room.
with in days I noticed some strange webbing forming on her plants and now it is every where and leaves are dropping...
I purchased a spray that is supposed to kill every thing that it could be...however it has only killed the seedlings and small plants.

In the webs there are cream colored specks like tiny eggs...


Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

If the underside of the leaves has spider web looking material it's probably spider mites.
Put the plants in the bathtub and let a cool gentle shower run on them for a few minutes. That will usually get rid of them.
Good Luck


New York, NY(Zone 6a)

Your cousin's plants are infested with spider mites. They are very tiny and they look like dust particles to the naked eye, often hiding on the undersides of leaves. By the time they start making webs, they are already well-established and difficult to eradicate.

Plain soap and water, insecticidal soap, and Hot Pepper Wax can all be used safely to treat spider mites. The key with all of these products is to get 100% coverage of all leaf and stem surfaces - top and bottom. If you miss a few of the mites, which is easy to do, then they will start to reproduce and you will have another infestation again in a few weeks. Try to spray where you can thoroughly drench all leaf surfaces without worrying about all the run-off. Run your fingers along leaf and stem surfaces to help get complete surface coverage (use rubber or latex gloves to avoid skin irritation. It is also advisable to re-spray again about 5 days later to get any mites that you may have missed the first time.

The best mite prevention is vigilance. Any mite-prone plants, such as palms, should be checked every week for early signs of mites - look for "dust" particles on the undersides of leaves. Treat the mites at the very first sighting. They are much easier to eliminate in the early stages. Good luck.

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