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SOLVED: passiflora id

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

Tim, hope you see this, these are from your seeds. Tags knocked out. Are these edulis, or the edulis f. something ???? will post one more

Thumbnail by tiG
Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

Could be P. edulis.


Are you guys hybridizing Passiflora's as well? Just seem to see a lot of interest in Passiflora species here recently. I imagine with so many of you growing so many different types and growing them from seed there is some chance of them being hybrids...intentional or not. Anyone here done any research to determine which ones will outcross?

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

Brugman, that would be Tim. He is the one who makes the crosses, we just beg from him, lol. I tried pollinating this summer, but no luck. I think these are fussier than the brugs about which ones will cross.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Brugman, I got seeds from Tim too and they did great. Got these guys hanging around with the brugs. Never know what might happen. LOL

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Has anyone had any luck with quadrangularis seeds? I traded for some, I'm sure they were fresh, but nothing happened. Do they take a long time?

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

It's been over a year for mine brugcrazy and they still aren't up.

Chariton, IA(Zone 5b)

I got some over a year ago and finally gave up. My real estate is limited, so some things just have to go when they don't perform.

Sorry, that was two years ago. Tried to get the plant last year and the place I ordered from had some problems and lost their stock. May have to re-order this year, but have to find a place for another one yet.

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Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

I got one seed up, it's doing okay, I had two but one didn't survive potting up. :( If it lives and thrives, I'll take cuttings, but it won't be anytime soon:)
This picture at the top, the leaves are not split at all like any of my other PFs. Is that right??

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Tig, just ran down to the GH and your plant looks like Tim's seed of Edulis Flavacarpa. How long did it take for your Quadrangularis to come up? I'm not giving up yet.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

thanks:) the writing on the tags wore off and I knew it was one or the other. It took a bit, my seeds weren't real fresh. But I soaked them about 36 hours or so in orange juice. Maybe that's what did it.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

I found out about the orange juice thing too late. Oh well. I think my seeds were really fresh, came from Chile or Brazil, can't remember. The other passiflora seeds I rec'd all came up. Here's hoping.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

well, but not too fresh, I really don't remember is what I meant :) LOL!!!

Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

It is hard to tell ID seedlings, they all look alike.

I have a few seedlings of adenopoda, warmingii, and morifolia, if not for the tags I woundn't be able to tell the different.

My edulis flavicarpa and edulis seedlings appeared the same, even as they mature, I was not able to ID them til they flowered.

I have P. vitifolia x incarnata and P. incarnata x vitifolia seedlings in one window box, at opposite ends. P. vitifolia x incarnata seedlings are more vigorous, other than that they appeared to be the same. Go figure.

Oh re to quadrangularis, I have seeds out there for over 4 months now, nothing yet, not sure if they need any special treatments.

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