Please help, bought molasses cow feeder

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

can i sink this, will it be ugeley? it is some kind of hard light green plastic, about 3 feet high and i think 8 feet across. my son says it has to be sunk cause it will be ugly, i guess he is right. will this make an okay pond?

it should be ok, but i recomend giving it a good clean out with hot water, but not to hot you may crack it, and do not use chemicals either, some of these plastic tanks have a mould release agent on them, that can be toxic and stay on the plastic for years, when you have cleaned it, half fill it with water, leave it a few days, then check if you can see oil colours on the surface, if you do, you may need to put a liner in it, or it will always pollute the water. Sinking it into the grond will protect it better, when one of those is full of water it doesnt take much to put a hole in one, the other choice is make it a raised pond, brick around it or wooden frame, to keep it secure and safe, or half sink, half raise it, as long as you can protect the sides from impact it shoud be ok, just remember that if you dig a hole, you will have a mountain of soil to find a home for too, hope this is of use to you.


Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

Yes, Alan, thanks

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