HELP!!!! Relocating with my houseplants

Greenlawn, NY(Zone 6B)

Hi friends,
Actually my friend is relocating in 2 wks from Indianapolis to Greenville, South Carolina. She has some beautiful houseplants that she is driving to SC and is afraid of losing them with the cool/cold temps enroute. She may not make the drive in one day---might stay overnight enroute.
Can any of you suggest ways to wrap/insulate/protect them for the trip? She has a 16 yr old boston fern, some peace lilies and ivys. They are all quite large and healthy (right now!). Any suggestions would be helpful!

Hi Sandy' I've relocated alot and use the large moving boxes that they sell' After packing them inside the boxes I cover the boxes with bedding for insulation,no problems' Our last move was 1500 miles' HTH Sis'

Greenlawn, NY(Zone 6B)

Hi Sis!

When you say bedding are you talking about quilts, blankets, that kind of thing? Are they in the car/truck/van
overnite in cool weather? I'm wondering if the bedding would insulate them enough.


Yes Sandy' The boxes are good cardboard and wrap with the bedding just for added protection'One of our moves was with a u-haul truck and no problem and we stayed at motels' One other move was with our pickup/camper.
Has she thought of shipping them ahead perhaps? Plants can go overnight express,airlines ship delicate flowers from anywhere' Just a thought and might be worth the extra protection and less worry maybe''
What works for one may not work for someone else,her call' HTH Sis' Good Luck'

Greenlawn, NY(Zone 6B)

Thanks Sis!
I am going to print this out for her--I'm sure it will be helpful.

You're welcome'

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