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Propogating Magnolias

I've read in a book ("Making More Plants") that there are two ways to propogate a magnolia: by seed or grafting.

The book said that propogation by seed is a slow and painful process, but it seems to me that that's the only way that one could produce the understock for the grafting process. Is this true? Or, perhaps, are there other kinds of trees that are capable of supporting a magnolia graft that I might find in my woods already in their first or second year.

Have anyone any experience with magnolia propogation? Any tips for me? I really want to reproduce this beautiful 50' magnolia that I have.


Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)

I would advise very fresh collected seed that has been washed clean of the waxy pulp . Cold treatment at 40F for 4 to 6 months then sow at 70F ; check weekly for molding and sprouting . Their are lots of Mag species that require multi cycles to germinate therefore ALSO check Dirr's and Deno's books for their recommendations . Good Luck !!

Thanks Chooch!

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