SOLVED: succulent 8

Vancouver, BC(Zone 7a)

last one. barbara
many thanks for all the help.

Thumbnail by Wilkinson
Valley Village, CA

This one looks like a very poorly grown Aeonium, Barbara, go out a get a cheap book, like Mother Nutures succulents about $4.00 Get it at one of the used book stores that I recommended, you would learn so much more from a book other just the identifications. Catalogues usually have cultural identification in them as well. I notice that you plants are in a pretty nice greenhouse. Now invest in a book.

Vancouver, BC(Zone 7a)

I won't bother you again.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Barb, I don't think you are bothering anyone. That's what this forum is for. I think maybe Crasulady2's comments were a bit harsh. On the Brug forum we post hundreds of pictures all the time for ID and everyone just says post more please. Personally I love seeing all the pictures posted.

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