Mold on bulbs?

(Zone 6a)

Ok, silly question! I have purchased very few bulbs over the years, but decided this year I was going to do a whole bed of various types of oriental and day lilies. I bought several batches a couple of weeks ago. I was checking them this evening and noticed some green mold on some of them. I opened the bags to let them air out a bit. They aren't soft and mushy; still firm and most are sprouting. It will be another couple of weeks before the ground is sufficiently warm to plant them (according to the directions). Any suggestions? Should I go ahead and plant them in pots, then transplant outdoors in a couple of weeks?

I KNEW I was getting ahead of myself, but I just can't resist the garden section of any store!!!!!!!!

Becky G.

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

Lilies should be planted as soon as you aquire them. THey are hardy, and will make a nice root system in the cool ground. As long as the ground isn't frozen, and you can dig, plant them. They won't emerge before their appointed time, anyway. HOWEVER, if your ground is umimproved clay, and has poor drainage, it is unsuitable for them at any time and they will rot. You'll need to amend it first for better drainage, and pot them up in some homemade newspaper pots that are fairly deep and narrow in the meantime until you can work the ground to amend it.

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