SOLVED: oops. sorry.

Vancouver, BC(Zone 7a)

I've been told that identification over the web is impossible.
I won't bother any more.

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ(Zone 7a)

Barbara, Don't you dare stop putting up those pictures!!! That's what this forum is for. It is something that I actually enjoy doing, Trying to find a plants identification.

By Norma suggesting you get some books, I believe it was just another reference for help. SHe wasn't stating (atleast from what I saw) That you shouldn't post pictures.

Also this forum is named Identification for a reason. That is so you can come on here and find the identities of your plants.

I have come on here more than you can imagine for ID's of my plants. And like you 99% of them are succulents. Book ideas have been suggested to me as well, but I like online searches better.

The thing about searching online, is that sometimes, you wind of getting the wrong ID of a plant. Thats why people tend to refer to books, because they are more factual and reliable than online sources for the most part. I am not talking about the answers you recieve here, but the ones you go searching on your own. Sometimes one won't know the true identity of their plant until it flowers. A lot of my succulents look almost identical, and I have gone border line insane trying to figure out who is who!!!!

Anyway I have yet to buy a book, But I do believe next month I will have a bit of extra money and might just head over to Barnes and Noble to see what I can find in the succulent department. You don't need a book to tell you how to take care of your plants. You just usually instinctively know most of time.

BEst of luck to you. And like I said don't stop posting pictures, no matter what anyone else says. That is what this forum is for and your plants will be very forlorn if they never have a name. :o)

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8a)

I have a scanner with oodles of photos. just do not know how to uplad them on the forums??? Elaine

Vancouver, BC(Zone 7a)

well, i'll give you my impression of how it should work.
(my pictures are from cd Our superstore here will develop a roll of film and just put them onto a cd (no prints) for about seven dollars.)
however, on my scanner, it says, after it's scanned something, what do you want to do with it? (e-mail it to someone, save etc.) I can save an image onto my cd drive, -give it a name so that I can find it again. then, you go down to identification, go to the very bottom. give it a title, a short description or whatever, then you go down to the "browse" box. click on that. a box will come up that gives you the choice of locations for it to look for an image. you click through until you can highlight, and open the cd drive. (mine is c) Then, look through that file until you can see your image, highlight it, then press ópen
ánd it should show up in the "browse'box. then you're done. check preview to make sure it's what you want, and then you're away.
I have a Mt.Washington snap sitting here beside me. I'm going to try it to see if my instructions are accurate.
hope this helps you. i'll be in touch, barb

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Please keep posting all your pictures. It helps all of us to identify our succulents too.

I second what Tiredwabbit and Brugcrazy says, even if the species is wrong you can usually look up the genus name and find the right species somewhere. I haven't got a clue about certain types of plants and often look in to see what people are identifing them as, we all learn together regardless of our experience.

If its impossible to identify a plant via the internet then its almost equally difficult to identify from a book with pictures. Descriptions differ from source to source, I would much rather someone who has grown the plant tell me their experience with it than read a dry description with just the basic needs of the plant.

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