Helxine soleirolii

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Baby's tears, mind your own business, yeah! I got one I got one! I have been looking for a healthy happy version of this fellow for quite a while. (Sledder - took my first trip in a long time to Country Cupboard - found it there)

So far, I've read "indirect light, moist at all times". Anybody got any other details? Any first-hand experience? Did I buy a weed (or at least a plant that'll grow like one)?

Thanks in advance,

New York, NY(Zone 6a)

The correct botanical name now is Soleirolia soleirolii (How's that for redundancy!). Older texts refer to it as Helxine (Yes, botanists change their minds periodically.)

It likes a bright location protected from direct sunlight. A north or easy window is best. The soil must never be allowed to dry out. As long as you keep the roots tightly potted in a small pot, overwatering will not be a problem. Fertilize sparingly and only at half-strength. Keep it pruned to encourage vigorous new growth and to avoid browning in the center of the plant. Cuttings root easily when placed in contact with moist soil.

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Thanks, Will!


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