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Found my Frog!

MD &, VA(Zone 7b)

Went out to clean one of the ponds yesterday...(all the fish and plants were put into the other pond last fall) well we decided reeaaallly clean it and drained it completely and... behind the water fall was Mr Bullfrog, I thought he had either gone away or died since I hadn't seen him since last fall! Was very happy!! We have had him since he was a tadpole.


Paso Robles, CA

My one pond is delightfully filled now with tadpoles from my tree frogs, which sound so HUGE as they carry on conversations from pond to pond. I also found a different little frog yesterday (about three times the size of a tree frog) as I worked with my terraced 3-pond waterfall and he came tumbling down the waterway. He was really friendly and let me pick him up and admire him. Marilyn

(Zone 7a)

Last year we were cleaning the corner of the yard and we came upon this large frog that didnt even look real. Looked like rubber. So the boys and I are bending over to see if it was a toy and it just stood there motionless. We were trying to get each other to give it a little poke to see if it was real and all of a sudden it jumped!! We all screamed and started laughing. This thing was so big my 13 and 14 yr old boys wanted no part of touching it!! (and they touch things that would make you vomit!) LOL
Cant wait to see those signs of summer.

MD &, VA(Zone 7b)

LOL Janice! Thats funny, last summer my frog jumped out of the pond while I was sitting on the edge, and needless to say I almost jumped IN the pond from the surprise!

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