trees/shrubs with corkscrew branches

Legal, AB(Zone 3a)

I'd love any type of corkscrew branched tree or shrub, also I'd like the following trees, olive, magnolia, any heather,forsythia

Cleveland, OK(Zone 6b)

hi i have a neighbor that has a corkscrew willow tree it starts realy easly in water if you like i could go get some cuttings for you..
shirley flora

Schenevus, NY

I bought a Harry Lauder walking stick. its a type filbert tree(no nuts) I thought about this tree for a while. Had seen it somewhere and had to have it. its brances like a lilac. the first yr I put it in a spot i could not see from inside. I moved it last yr and its doing fine. If you like corkscrew this is gets better wiht time. I live in zone4-5/

(Zone 8a)

I have corkscrew willow that I'd be happy to give you a cutting of, they start very easily, and forsythia starts that are already a year old.

Let me know if you're interested...

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