Speaking of gems....

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

I don't have a picture of this, and it isn't really a "gem" but it is some type of rock. You see I have a 55gal fish tank and I wanted to put some "live" rocks in it. Well one of my sons went out and was playing with his dad's old hammer and he busted up this hugh rock, well the inside of this rock was the brightest white color I have ever seen. So I decided to take some in the house and get them ready for the tank, well the more I washed them the more they fell apart. almost like the same size gravel that is already in the tank. (you know, tiny tiny rocks) I just have never seen any rock that would crumble so easy, and to be so pure and white. Any idea of what this might be??
I will try to get a picture of it maybe later today. but would really like some info b/c I can't seem to find any on the net.
** Mollybee

lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

Sounds like you have a vanishing rock Molly. Glad to see you posting again.

Georgetown, TX(Zone 8a)

Jim, is that a real kind of rock, or are you being cute?

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

LOL I was trying to figure that one out myself before I said anything? So what is it Jim?? Is that really what you think it is??
LMK ok?

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

You might want to look up dolomite. I talked to a fellow from Montana who had just gotten a dolomite mine-they use the fine stone for gardening, but I do not know what kind of formations that comes in or that the original chalkstone comes in. The only time I have seen stuff, different in the inside, were the gemstones that are in geode fashion( like amethyst etc.

MB,it's only a conglomerate(many tiny pieces held together by a harder substance)probably some sand,lime,etc' HTH' Rocks are minerals and be careful what you put in with the fishies,might killem' Sis'

lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

I was being cute but it sounded so real didn't it.
I started to think Molly had been hanging around the rock to much and had vanished also. Where have you been girl? And don't answer back digging rocks. I have been worried about you. It isn't the same w/o you.

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

I just knew you all would be so kind to help me out on this!
Thanks ya'll you are the best!!

LOL @ Jim!! naa I haven't been digging rocks, hee hee but I have been out looking though sure nuff.
Someone here miss me????!!! Who'd a thunk it?!! That is sweet of you to say. I come and go alot, but always in a hurry. know what I mean? seems as though alot of my friends and family are stressing out over different things and I am always the one they decide to lean on. But that isn't too bad, as I am always ready to listen to their problems and lend my sholder for them to cry on.

Thanks for the help ya I'll be sure and let you know what it is I find out about the rock
** Mollybee

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Molly, I agree with Sis. Do not put it in your tank becuz it will break down, and probably would kill all of your fish. You could take it to the library and they could probably tell you what it is, but my guess is definitely some type of Quartz!!!!! I played with them all of the time as a kid and it certainly makes you feel strong to crush a rock with your bare hands. Are you sure you aren't venturing out across the property line!!! Ha! Ha! No kiddin those rocks have been there forever!! And I really do think that they are quartz!!!

Your Ole Neighbor, Traci

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

What in the world are you doing up at that time of morning?!! Dang girl you better get some rest!!
Thanks for the help on the rocks, and yes I think it might be quartz also. Too bad I can sell it!!
I have thought twice about putting it in my tank for now, but I am still looking for just the right "live" rock.

See ya soon!!

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Be extra careful about what you put in that tank. Here I go preaching about your tank again. Just go to the pet store I told u about in C'ton and buy you some fake rocks. If you do it, u will have trouble fer sure. Your water will get cloudy and all of the minerals and things that rock is made of could harm your fish or even burn them. Don't doooooooooo it!! I'm tryin to tell ya, but ya just don't listen. Hey, but did you know that one mile up the road from you and my old place(behind the big white house i've seen the mines and they are like huge gully's that are about 40ft deep, the biggest goldmine found in this area. The miners really dug it with donkey's and shovels. If you could see it it is amazing!!! then there's the Stockmar's. Villa Rica, in spanish-Means- Rich city. No [email protected]! There is gold but most of it is powder now! But there are streaks of it that run way way under the ground that we certainly can't get to with our gardening shovels. Remember we tried by the lake with the backhoe. It was fun anyway. We found lots and lots of pyrite and quartz and they say that where there's pyrite and quartz there is gold.no tellin, how deep. So don't let me catch you over there diggin in my gold mine or we'll have a good ole country fued!! Ha, Ha!

Love Ya, Traci


Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Just do me one favor!! Don't go crazy Goldmining and dig up your pretty yard. Or better yet, go ahead and call me, I can always use the flowers!!!HA! HA! Will!


Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

LOL OK Traci, I WONT put any rocks in the tank! I promise!
Yea I always knew that we were sitting on a gold mine, but we'll just have to keep sitting...b/c digging that deep is not my idea of fun! LOL

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Mine either, but wouldn't it be cool if it were near where our wells are. I've always thought that! They say it is near pyrite(fools gold), which I found a nugget of and my Daddy almost s54t his pants,til we found out it was pyrite and I was a little ticked off and threw it in the lake, it is also near quartz, and what you are finding are pieces that have broken off and worked there way to the top, I mean streaks of quartz, and water. Coming from Natural springs or underground water. What do ya say, don't you and ole DH need a new well. We could start on yours first! Ha,Ha!

Hey gals don't laugh too loud' Many gems are found and mined here in the good ole USA' Arkansas has some beautiful diamonds' Not far from Murfreesboro,Tn. is a place a fella owns and lets people dig for gems' Pyrite is mainly iron but still is pretty even for a fool' lol' This rockhound would be doing some soil tests and checking into some old records,quickly'''':D Sis'

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

ahhhh another rockhound!! lol I knew someone else would join in with me on this. Hey Sis, do you know of any web sites where I can look up pictures of the ones I have collected? I mean beside the one that they are telling me is just plain ole quartz. I have several others that I have had for years now, but have never knew what they were.
Maybe I can post a pic later of some of them.

These should keep ya busy,have fun...



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Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

OOOoo Thanks Sis!!! If I get to missing, you'll know where I am hee hee


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